Kinder Cheer is a very basic introduction to the sport of cheer! The Kinder team will practice on Thursday Evenings at Linus Pauling. There are two sessions available; . The Winter Season begins January, 2019, the Fall Season will begin in September 2018


1. COST:   $65 Athletic Fee + $50 one time uniform fee (includes skirt,  shirt and or jacket/sweatshirt, bow and poms)  Uniform can be used in both Fall and Winter seasons.


2. TIME COMMITMENT:  1-3 commitments per week (Team practices every Thursday, and cheers at pre-selected  games and events throughout the season).


3. SEASON LENGTH:  Late Sept – Early Dec for Fall,  Jan – March for Winter



a.  1 practice a week (1 hour)

b.  Thursdays from 5:30– 6:30 pm at Linus Pauling Middle School

c.  Tumbling practice included

d.   Fall 2018– Beginning  September, Winter 2019 beginning in January



a.  Boys & Girls Club  basketball on weeknights and pre selected events

b.  Minimum of three games/events during the season (2 hours each)



We strive to lower the financial barriers around cheerleading. Please ask about financial assistance that is available!  A limited amount of scholarships are available each season.  Please apply in person, proof of income is required.

Fundraising opportunities are also available, but must be done prior to start of season. Contact Ryan Humphrey, cheer coordinator for details:

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Practice and Game Schedules: Link to Score »