Youth of the Year 2020

Mark your calendar for the All Service Clubs and Youth of the Year lunch. Students compete for scholarship awards from Benton Community Foundation, Pastega Foundation and Elks Club Foundation. YOY candidates win a laptop from Schupp Plemmons Cook Wealth Management Group.  Lunch is $10 at the door. RSVP at


2020 Youth of the Year Candidates















Maryann Cervantes

Maryann Cervantes is a Senior at Corvallis High School and has been a member of the Club since the 2nd grade. Since the end of middle school, Maryann has been an active presence and a strong leader in the Club and acts as a liaison between CHS and the Club and a spokesperson and advocate for the Club’s programs to ensure that all teens know they are welcome to be a part of the Johnson Teen Center. Through Maryann’s involvement, she helps other teens feel connected and heard. Since joining the high school program, Maryann has taken on a major role within the Keystone Leadership Club in running various volunteer projects that include the promotion of mental health awareness. Maryann is extremely passionate about shining a light on the increasing need for mental health services and access to care. Her plan is to pursue a career as a bilingual critical care nurse so that she can help connect and help those in need with services, regardless of what language they speak.















Siclaly Vargas

Siclaly Vargas is a Senior at Corvallis High School and began her journey with the Club in middle school. Siclaly has been involved with almost every Club program, including Torch Club, T3, SmartGirls, and Keystone Leadership Club. Last year she participated in the development of the school Bullying Project to better understand the current environment on bullying in high schools. This project spoke deeply to Siclaly as she had experienced bullying firsthand during middle school and personally knows the long term impact of bullying. Siclaly has spoken at the CSD New Teacher Orientation Day to share ideas on how teachers can effectively intervene to reduce bullying. Siclaly is a Junior Staff, working with elementary Club members to support the Club’s welcoming environment. After high school Siclaly plans to pursue a career as a pediatrician so that she can continue to encourage and help youth to have a healthy and happy start in life.















Virginia Saralecos

Virginia Saralecos is a Senior at Corvallis High School. Virginia joined the Club in middle school when her family moved to Corvallis. Virginia quickly found her way over to the middle school teen programs and has been an active member ever since. When Virginia isn’t busy working with elementary youth as a Junior Staff member, she is busy with implementing Keystone projects in the teen center. Virginia has been fiercely focused on achieving academic excellence in high school, and this focus has paid off as she plans to graduate in June with a perfect 4.0 GPA. After graduation, Virginia plans to pursue a career in law. Through her experience of growing up under the weight of poverty, she understands the importance of having someone in her corner to help her understand how to access resources and opportunities that are often difficult to grasp for those who are experiencing extreme poverty. She knows firsthand that through the support of another, a life can be changed, and dreams can be achieved, in spite of tough odds.