Brain Gain Summer 2016


We’re proud to be in the 2nd year of supporting the educational needs for students to retain and expand learning opportunities over the summer. The Brain Gain Program at the Club provides 10 weeks of curriculum that focuses on both the social and educational needs of youth to feel confident in their skills before returning to school in the fall.

Students entering grades three through five spend an hour each day engaging in areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), personal development and grade specific activities that encourage retaining or building new skills for success at school. Lessons were designed through a collaborative effort with Corvallis school teachers and our professional youth development management team to promote enrichment while stimulating participants through fun challenging lessons.  Each group consisted of 18 to 25 students and 130 students overall participated in summer Brain Gain. Classes were individualized to prepare each youth for the next grade level by providing hands-on activities with STEM, positive socialization through trivia or group discussions, exploratory learning and leadership development that center around our theme “The Summer Awakens”. Lessons alternate each day to keep the students excited about reading, writing and working with their peers on new concepts that will increase confidence in their skills for success at school. The Club provides similar programming during the school year in our after school programs acros
s the community.





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