Club Youth Enact Change


During this season of gifting from the heart and receiving with gratitude and joy, we want to share an inspiring story that you make possible for all of our youth, especially those who needs us most.

Members are given limitless opportunities to bring their passion and creativity to “own their Clubhouse” and experience how to be the change they want to see in their community. Such was the case with our 6th grade member Madison, who was frustrated when the Club had to eliminate access to the Duerksen Digital Design lab (D3) for middle school members.

Our D3 program lab is only equipped with six stations and the seats fill quickly to learn digital illustration, graphic design, video game development and editing, and more. Putting her leadership skills into action, Madison led a petition drive to request a change in policy. Madison collected 66 signatures from her peers and as a result, staff created the Apprentice 1 program for middle schoolers.

With your generous year-end gift, we will continue to provide a place where kids like Madison will continue to test out ideas, take risks and learn how to turn their passion into positive and productive action. Madison, and her 66 copetitioners see themselves as change-agents who are valued and worthy of being heard. Great Futures take great people like you! Thank you for being a change agent for our youth who need us most.





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