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May VOM-Single 1


June Volunteer of the Month: Julie Walkin

Julie has made such an amazing impact on our kids at Hoover STARS. When asked if there was anything that she would like to do with the kids, based on her own interests, and she came up with a Geography program. Julie works at OSU and helps students to study abroad so she created a program about the seven continents, their populations, animals, and culture. Julie even purchased a large map for STARS to use as a backdrop visual as well as a small map that we could work on interactively with the children. A lot of the program focused on how we are all connected in some way and we used Corvallis and OSU as a focal point so it was more relevant to the children at STARS. Julie worked so hard to prepare plans for each lesson and she had a blast interacting with the kids on an educational and recreational basis. She went above and beyond and made a lasting impact on Hoover STARS. Thank you so much Julie!


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Getting Started

Amanda Garcia, Volunteer & Community Engagement Coordinator
Call : 541-757-1909 ext 210
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Office Hours:  2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Mon-Fri.

Volunteer Application Process

 Below are the instructions to follow if you would like to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis.  Our goal is to make the volunteer process convenient for our applicants by allowing you to complete the form and orientation on your own time.  If you need help or have any questions, contact Amanda at or 541-757-1909 x210.


1.  Please fill out and submit the on-line application form. Once submitted, you will receive an email acknowledgement with a link to our Volunteer Handbook and on-line orientation.

On-Line Application Form 

2.  Complete the orientation instructions contained in the email.  You will receive another acknowledgement email with further instructions on how to set up a personal interview.


If you have questions before starting the process about the roles or expections of our volunteers, please read our Volunteer Handbook 2016-2017 .