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A CSD and Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis

Virtual Afterschool Academic & Enrichment Program



To virtually support the learning that takes place during the school day, provide enriching activities for students and their families, and connect students to their peers in a safe & fun way.


WILDCAT Club works closely with the district, school teachers and staff to meet the learning and social needs of every child in the program.


About the Program:

Each week members will be able to pick-up their supply kits, full of everything they will need to complete the enrichment activities for the following week. Supply pick-ups will be held on Fridays at the schools pick-up lunch site from 11:30am-1pm, otherwise kits can be picked up at the Clubhouse anytime on Friday (other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis). Students will then be provided a weekly schedule to help guide them through the enrichment activities provided, as well as encouraging them to interact with their peers. The LEC digital platform will be embedded in the members Google Classroom account that is linked to their school account, allowing everything to be in one place for our members to access. Students will have the opportunity to connect with peers their own age and participate in student-led conversations via Zoom once a week, as well as participate in weekly assemblies via Zoom once a week. The purpose of these Zoom meetings is to provide members opportunities to engage in positive peer interactions, as well as provide members the opportunity to connect with a mentor on a weekly basis.



WILDCAT Club runs virtually from 2:15-5 pm Monday through Friday.  We follow the Corvallis School District calendar and are closed when the school is



Due to COVID-19, and the distance learning model of the program, there are no program fees for the 2020-21 school year.


Click here for the Ready Schools, Safe Learners Operational Blueprint – Wildcat

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To Register – due to Covid-19, we cannot register in person.  You can call our front office at 541-757-1909 or click the blue Register button.



Register »     Registration is open.