Investing in Our Future Workforce


Training Teens for Tomorrow – T3 – is an intentional approach to delivering on the Club’s vision to ensure that all of our members graduate from high school, are work and college ready with skills that enable them to be self-sufficient and have a clear plan for their future.

Over the last three summers, 38 teens have completed their first summer paid employment experience.  and 100% of those teens secured their next job on their own.  The seniors who went through the program are now either enrolled full-time in school, working, or managing a combination of the two. Benton Community Foundation’s Guthrie-Milsap funds are used to pay the salary in exchange for on the job training over a 10 week assignment.

Helping our community youth achieve academically, preparing them to navigate their financial world, and providing first time employment job skills are key ingredients for moving youth out of poverty.

Through a nine month curriculum and summer employment, teens investigate career opportunities in Benton and Linn County. Currently T3 is focusing on the following employment sectors

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Skilled trades
  • Agriculture/forestry
  • Light manufacturing

Working with the career counselors at the high schools, the Club is integrating into the Pipeline project initiated by Linn County business, LBCC and the Albany Chamber of Commerce.  2016-17 will be a year of expansion as the Corvallis School District and Corvallis Businesses begin to participate in Pipeline.

Interested in getting involved through mentorship or training? Contact Casey Higgins at 541.757.1909 and help us shape our next generation workforce.





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